Millie5&Co. is the intersection between immersive experiences and design “where lasting impressions are made.”

Millie5&Co. specializes in creatively establishing curatorial design, immersive experiences and environments with transformation in mind. We intentionally create unforgettable journeys through personalization that will incorporate each of our projects with sight, sound, touch, taste and, smell.  We do this by listening to the vision, to what is important, for each project that we are involved in. We believe this is what sets us apart from others within the industry. We understand and know by experience that by connecting two or more senses, it provides a more lasting and memorable impact.

We believe in the importance of community, culture, making a difference and being the difference. Because this is the bedrock of who we are, we intentionally collaborate with local artists, locales (venues) and vendors for a fulfilling experience.

The fleurs (floral) side of Millie5&Co. are all recycled and preserved florals that come from events done by our sister company, FiveStar Hospitality Performance, as well as other local vendors.  Many of our fleur designs and installations are preserved and given back to the community.

M5 is the décor and rentals brand that falls under Millie5&Co. Because we specialize in designing environments that will leave a lasting impression. We intentionally create space based on your needs to advance your message, your story and/or your brand that will draw a community together or simply create a pleasant environment that will leave a lasting impression.


Teresa grew up on a farm outside of Portland, Oregon and can remember the calmness of the meadows, the wildlife around her and the forest within her family’s land. Later in life; and, having worked in corporate America for many years in the fast-paced city life as a professional, she came to realize that something had been missing in her inability to slow down. Then, unforeseen life changes ended up forcing her to slow down.

During this time, she began to embrace her roots again and has since become a conduit with our God-given natural environment by involving nature and botanicals in: workshops, space and wellness design, art, décor, staging, hospitals, hotels, museums, fashion shows, events and more. She has seen firsthand the positive impact this has had both professionally and personally. Whether it is for a time of clarity, productivity, enhanced creativity, as another avenue in bringing community together or, for mental and physical wellness.

Science and research show us that there is more and more of a need for these types of spaces and that it is innate in us to feel calmer, to be more productive, to be more creative, to heal fast and to have lasting memories when we incorporate nature within our lifestyles. She says; this natural wellness has been given to us to take in, to co-labor with and to explore the many health benefits that are needed now more than ever.


Teresa (Tee) Guastella

Millie is the nickname given to Teresa by one of her closest friends, Gretchen, who she met in a small village in France.

The name derives from a character in the vintage musical film “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers”, Milly; but, since the two friends met in France, they changed the spelling to “Millie” since this is how the name is spelled in French.

In the film, Milly is portrayed as a hardworking, kind, gentle and determined woman who cares for others while remaining steadfast in her convictions despite any given circumstances that came her way.

Teresa and Gretchen realized that was true to their own life stories in who they strive to be as women of character. After that, the name just stuck, for both of them!

You can learn more about the other Millie here: itallbeganinfrance.com

Teresa’s experience in space and environment design began early in her professional career. Her passion for environment design began while working for a world-class marketing firm and eventually moved on as a Brand Manager. As a Brand Manager, Teresa’s role was to educate and assist in large project sales with SYSCO Services by training and participating in the design process for working spaces in commercial equipment, décor, supplies and furniture in the healthcare, retail, education, hospitality and government institution industries.

She later worked as a hotel/hospitality professional for Marriott and Hilton.

As an executive in the creative and full-service production industry, Teresa began to become more involved in the creative journey as her clients began to ask her for assistance in the conceptual design for a more impactful and personal experience.

As she began to study the science of nature and biophilia and how our environments and senses impact us positively by the very creation which was given to us to enjoy and to nourish. She began to incorporate these studies into her profession, with great success.

Teresa’s entrepreneurial spirit began in 2004 when she opened the doors of FiveStar Hospitality Performance which you can read more about here:

Her profession has since led to her involvement as a curator and designer in venues, stadiums, exhibits, museums, local farms and residents, home interiors, branding, visual merchandising, pop up’s, retail space, photoshoots, stage props, the arts, collaborative installations, be-spoke experiences (custom), florals, décor and furniture.

Teresa’s experience comes from her international flavor, along with her love for bringing to life a fully transformed experience and environment. She says that for her, these are connecting attributes that continue to help in the unique style and vibe that she shares.

She says, enthusiastically, that her greatest joy is helping to bring to life each opportunity through the lenses of her guests and/or clients and that Millie5 & Co. is just a conduit in helping to make this happen.

To her, fulfillment comes by working together in a way that will help to bring her clients vision alive; but, not only that; to leave an impression that will stay long after the commissioned project has been fulfilled.

She enthusiastically says that “it just works!”

Grew up on a ranch … entrepreneurial roots

Five foot-two … small but mighty (Thanks God)

Married her best friend (Phil) who just so happens to have a few awesome skills! Voted Best Eye Dr. on planet earth, a flair for occasional humor; and, yes, best car dancer she’s ever met (sure makes road trips more fun).

Teresa says that she has been blessed to have seen much of God’s beautiful creation all around the world and has been blessed to work for, and with, some of the most talented people in the world. She says that her God-given talents have been nurtured by her continual learning mindset and this has offered her a great profession in the creative world of strategy, experience & environment design. It continues to amaze her with the utmost gratitude.

Teresa and her husband, Phil, have a mixed family consisting of six beautifully diverse children. Two of which reside in heaven whose memories are stitched deep within their hearts. Although they are no longer here with us physically, the love they left is at every turn.

She says, “I cannot leave out the fact that I have the coolest dog on planet earth; Sir Princeton.”


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