Designing and Event with Purpose

We believe in the importance of community, culture, making a difference and being the difference.
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Because this is the bedrock of who we are, we intentionally collaborate with local artists and vendors in each of our projects. Some of the local artists we work with when designing local experiences are award winning chefs which we incorporate into our packages.

It is Proven that by Including These Avenues in Our Experience and Design Approaches for Society That There is a Positive Impact in the Areas of:

Case Studies, Research Links and Resources:

Intentional Event Design and The Importance of Incorporating Our Senses:
Designing Space \ How It Effects Emotions and Health:

Dr. Sternberg will answer these questions and will address how the science of the mind-body connection explains these phenomena.

Urban Planning Importance | The Core of Design and The Arts:
Economic Advantages to Biophilia Design:
How Does Nature Impact Our Wellbeing?
Nature Helping Autistic Children:
The Future and Importance of Environment & Design:

Dr. Mary Jo Kreitzer, University of Minnesota

  • The Arts
  • Community
  • Architects and Building
  • Environment Design
  • Alzheimer and Dementia Patients
  • Autism
  • Sensory Overload Challenges
  • High Risk Youth and Adults
  • Drives Profit Margin in Work Environments
  • Less Turnover in Workplace
  • Faster Healing (Physical and Mental)
  • Better Branding Awareness in Retail Merchandising
  • Better Branding Awareness in Product Awareness Campaigns
  • Heightened Memory
  • Better Learning Education
  • Crime Rates Reduced
  • PTSD Healing
  • And So Much More…..
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