Offering Environment and ExperienSenses® Event & Design Services
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Millie5 & Co. of Central Florida is an event and experience design agency that has recently launched to provide a unique array of curated space design services by creatively incorporating our senses. Millie5 & Co. is a part of the acclaimed International Chapel Designers Organization.

Millie5 & Co. Experience Design & Fleurs: Millie5 & Co. is the intersection between immersive experiences and environmental design. Owner, Teresa Guastella explains that by integrating our senses into the design and event experiences they offer, that there is more of a desire for collaboration with local artists and vendors to help to build stronger communities and more conversations with interaction which provides a lasting and positive impact.

Whether it is curating space with purpose by using our approach in biophilic design for space, experiences or by just simply offering immersive floral installations and botanical design. Guastella, notes: “This side of our business model was added because of my desire to help business branding to include wellness and impactful impressions in event experiences. This is the recipe in leaving positive and memorable impressions at each touchpoint.”

Turning A Bad Situation into A Great New Opportunity: Guastella explained how a bad construction deal left her and her husband in unexpected and unfinished project to clean up. So, they agreed that she should put her professional creative talents to work. She soon realized that she had missed her love for design that came early on in her professional career as a Brand Director and Designer, helping business owners to curate their space in commercial equipment, décor & furnishings, in the healthcare, retail, hospital and hospitality industries.


Why Environment Design? Guastella enthusiastically shared that her greatest joy is helping to bring to life each opportunity through the eyes of her clients. She adds, “Our creative approach is just another conduit to help make their visions happen. My fulfillment comes by working together in a way that will help to bring our client’s vision alive. We also want to help leave with impressions that will stay long after the commissioned project has been fulfilled. We are enthusiastic about the new and existing working relationships that are now expanding with builders, architects, artists, creative directors, curators and professional meeting planners.”

Artistic Approach: Her approach helps to transform the environment she’s hired to work on by incorporating architecturally and nature-inspired designs. Guastella explains, “There is a precise dedication in orchestrating the environment and space by adding live and preserved botanical installations into event space, pop-up designs, hotel lobbies, museums, public, retail, staging, hospitality, hospitals and more.” Her experience comes from her international background and her love for bringing to life a fully transformed environment. These are connecting attributes that continue to help in the unique style and vibe that she shares with her clients.

Giving Back: She explained how beautiful flowers and plants have a special way in offering wellness. Based on research, botanicals are credited with the ability to help improve one’s creativity, productivity and wellness. So, she made a sound decision to re-purpose the work she uses. They are preserved and used to create beautiful new designs which are then donated back to the community as another avenue to bring joy to others. She remains enthusiastic and excited about another avenue in giving back to the community through Millie5 & Co.

Millie5 & Co. is the newest part of the FiveStar Hospitality Performance portfolio. For more information about all of their services and products, call Teresa (Tee) Guastella at 352-988-3483 or visit

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