We are excited to announce the official launch of Millie5 & Co.!

We have been working on the newest brand to the FiveStar Hospitality Performance, Inc. portfolio for the last 10 months.
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Our goal has always been to provide our existing and prospective customers great quality with a full-line of services and products in curated space design and high-end corporate events with purpose in mind.

By adding the Millie5 & Co. brand to our portfolio, we no longer need to outsource most of the products and services we have been designing for many years. This allows us to expand our signature design(s), installations and décor services both commercially and residentially which adds value to our existing and new customers!  

Blog Millie 5 - Teresa Guastella
Blog Millie 5

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Special shout outs to those who helped us make this launch happen:

Website Design: Lapiz Design

Botanical Design Expert: Holly Chappel

Photography: Kir2ben Photography

Millie5 Logo short version

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